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Slavery ( Why white people should feel guilty )

Only joking, fuck white guilt, let me tell you why.

If my race, the white race, is guilty for owning black slaves then surely the black race is guilty too for selling them into slavery in the first place.

What? You think white people went to Africa and snatched black people off the beaches? No, black African slave traders sold them to white slave traders.





When the left says that they’re fighting to smash all borders globally. I think that ought to ask non-Whites what they would think if their borders were wide open.

Truth is; no sane person would open their borders.


kirainbows. This one is for you.

America is not the whites country it’s a mixed country

Just because it is now doesn’t mean that it always was or that it was meant to be. Notice how he said that Whites are becoming the minority in their own countries. Also, nobody said this was just about America, he’s talking about all White countries: the US, Canada, European countries, Australia, etc.

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