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Anonymous asked:

Your dog is sick because you're poisoning him. You're a fucking whack job that needs to be locked up and your dog taken away and re-homed.




Wow, can you guys please leave me alone about my dog? He’s vegan, yes. But he’s also perfectly healthy! So stop!!

That statement is contradictory.


This person is quite possibly the most retarded single thing I have seen on my dash in a month.

That’s like feeding a deer fucking meat you retard.

If squirrelygirly wanted a pet that didn’t eat meat she shouldn’t have got a dog, abusive bitch.



Soon I will be deactivating this account due to the need to concentrate my efforts. For those who are interested, almost all of my current work is available at

Gooc luck, mate.

"In 2008 Strom pleaded guilty to possession of ten images of child pornography and was sentenced to 23 months in prison."

Is this Dunsanian guy Kevin Strom?

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