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Lesbian couple married in the US after 72 years of being together, d’awwwww.

conservatism 2014

How dare I be happy for a stable happy couple yes society will crumble now

legitimizing faggotry is a quick road to that, yes

This. I support the idea of giving non-degenerate gays the option of marrying, provided they plan to adopt and raise kids, as long as the couple will raise them in a suitable fashion. If you’re a traditionalist, nationalist, whatever, and happen to be gay, I don’t think you should be marginalised like that. Besides, the point of marriage is family, so if you’re still willing to raise kids, and have to take in adoptees because you can’t have your own, that’s perfectly acceptable to me.

Like rtrixie, I’m happy for the couple too.

I agree. Though I believe marriage should be restricted between a man and a woman, I would generally be in favour of gays being able to have somesort of recognised union within the state. I think it’s really shortsighted to exclude gays from our movement(s) simply because they are gay, so long as they are Nationalists/etc. and keep their sexuality totally within the realm of their private lives then I see no issue with them having a civil partnership, or perhaps even adopting. 

Gay marriage is ridiculous.

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